Attending the 2019 ESSA Innovation & Practice Forum will provide you with valuable ESSA CPD points*:


2 days (full Forum)          15 ESSA CPD points

1 day (any)                          8 ESSA CPD points


*To earn the applicable CPD Points the CPD Point Reflection Form must be completed following your attendance at the Forum.


Download Form Here


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the form be available?
The Form will be available from 1 May 2019 to 31 December 2019.


Where will I find the form?

The form can be completed and downloaded via the ESSA Forum website – http://essaforum.com.au/cpd-points/


What sort of questions do I need to answer?

The form has 1 simple question regarding your learning outcomes from the Forum.


Do I need to complete it?

Yes, for ESSA to recognise your CPD Points earned from your attendance the Forum, this form must be completed and kept with your CPD point evidence.


Do I need to keep the form?

Yes, same as your certificate, this form must be completed and kept with your CPD point evidence.


Does ESSA need to see this form?

Only if your CPD point evidence is requested, e.g. annual audit. If requested, you will need to produce the certificate of attendance together with your completed form.


Why does the form need to be completed?

To be eligible for CPD points in the Further Education category all professional development activities must be assessed. This question is to assist you in performing your own assessment by self-reflecting on your learning.


Please consult any other associations directly for their point structure.